Bike Servicing & Repair


Puncture Repair £7

Punctures are only repaired if it’s the first one that the inner tube has had as we cannot previous repairs can sometimes cause problems.

Fit new Tyre £5


Brake Tuning Service £20

Check and examine pads/ cables/ callipers for wear, replace as necessary (cost of parts except cables not included). Lubricate pivot points and adjust brakes for optimum performance.

Wheel Fixing:

Spoke Replacement and Wheel Truing Front wheel £12

+ £2 per spoke

Rear wheel £12 (Wheel truing only)

Rear wheel £18 + £2 per spoke.

Removal of cassette and then we true and replace damaged or broken spokes.

Hydraulic Brake Service

£19 per wheel or £35 per pair

Check pads for wear and replace as necessary (pads extra). Bleed system with appropriate fluid (included) and set pads/ callipers for optimum performance. Sticking pistons etc. will involve extra work and possibly parts which we can discuss with you at the time.


New Chain Fitting

from £10

Remove old chain replace with a new chain (adjusted to correct length and fit). (Chain cost not included)


Gear Tuning Service £18

Degrease chain/ cassette/ chainrings. Replace cables if necessary (cost of cable included). Lubricate chain etc. and adjust gears to run smoothly.


Wheel Hub Service

£15 per wheel or £28 per pair

adjust and grease cup and cone style hubs. Fit new bearings on hubs (cost of bearings not included).

Frame & Forks

Headset Service £18

Removal of forks from your bike, degrease and check bearings for wear. Replace as required (bearings cost not included). Headset reassembly with new grease and adjust to run smoothly.

Headset Replacement

from £22

Removal of old and installation of  new headset (headset cost not included).


Fit New forks £24

Cut new forks to length, refit brakes etc.Bottom Bracket service/ replacement £18 (bottom bracket not included)

Other Services

Build a bike from a box £30

Assemble bike, check all nuts/ bolts for tightness. Adjust gears/ brakes to run smoothly.